Burst the Bubble

The Princeton Gap Year Network (PGY) is an official student group providing community, mentoring and advocacy for all students who take time off. Our community includes students considering or taking any deferral or leave of absence, as well as students who have already returned from those experiences. We’re kindred spirits with study abroad students and students from the Bridge Year Program, although many of our members take time off at home or somewhere in their home countries.

We also aim to bring clarity to the process of taking time off from Princeton. Our website is home to a handbook, full of FAQs about what the process is like and suggestions of what students can do on their time off, a list of resources, as well as a checklist for students to ensure they are ready to return to campus.

In 2014, we collaborated with the Undergraduate Student Government to publish the Extended Leave Report. An Extended Leave Survey was conducted to collect feedback from current and graduated students, and the findings were compiled to identify policy recommendations to improve the student experience.

We’d love to answer your questions and welcome you back to campus! Join our listservs (pgy-announcements@ and gapyearnetwork@) to keep up with our announcements and social events. Feel free to ask Alexandra Marino ’19 (avmarino@princeton.edu) to add you if you’re not familiar with adding yourself.